Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keyboard shortcut to open window's mobility center - Cool Keyboard

Here is another secret shortcut for window vista and window 7 users. This shortcut can be used to open Window Mobility Center. Windows Mobility Center is a component of Microsoft Windows, that centralizes the most relevant information to mobile computing.

The Windows Mobility Center user interface presents a series of square tiles that each contain one piece of information about a component of the system, as well as action items related to that component. The tiles that appear depend on the system. Windows Vista includes the following tiles:

  • Brightness adjustment
  • Sound adjustment / mute
  • Battery level / power scheme selection
  • Wireless network status
  • Screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • External displays
  • Synchronization to other machines
  • Presentation settings

Window mobility center presents in control panel. To open it directly you can use keyboard shortcut Window key + X.


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