Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Send free anonymous email anywhere in the world - Cool Prank

Today I am going to tell you how to send an email with anonymous name or with fake name. You can send email to any email id and can even set sender's email id and name. Just write any email id and name in sender's fields.
This is the best way to play prank with your friends. Even you can send an email of a recruitment letter to your friend from Microsoft. This would be the biggest ever prank played on anyone. Imagine your friend's reaction on this.

But guys remember one thing use this only for fun. Do not use this for any illegal use.

Here are the steps to send anonymous emails. Have fun...

1) Open your web browser.

2) Open the website or Click here.

In the website you would see form appear as below.

3) Fill the form. Enter the email id of your friend into Email To field, enter subject message and also enter the fake name and fake email ID. Email ID from which you want to send mail.

4) Click on send button.

Congrats, your fake email is sent, It must reach to your friend's in-box.
You can send even more emails by sending on send more email links.


Jane Ng said...

Wow that's cool. It can be used also in spamming rather. Sending Prank to email is just an easy way to work on.

David Warner said...

Hi friends, this is very critical if anyone asks for your email id on internet just make fake email ID and give him fake email id and you will receive all email on your real email ID just use this for this
get anonymous email

Sinelogix said...

Wow useful information guys
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